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Puff digitizing: taking embroidery and Brand recognition to a whole new level

There is an urban legend that says Aristotle Onassis (one of the richest men in the world around the 30’s) was interviewed once. The interviewer asked Mr. Onassis what he would do if he ever went bankrupt and only had a hundred dollars remain from his empire. Mr. Onassis looked at the interviewer and said: “well, I would find a good product and invest ten dollars on it… and then I would invest the remaining ninety dollars on advertising it”.
Now, I do not know if that story is true, but what I do know is that advertising has a huge importance in the success of a product. Why is that so? Many people think it has to do with social pressure and all that, but I think it has to do with brand recognition mostly.
What is brand recognition? Brand recognition is what you get when you go anywhere and people know about your product… Think about McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Disney and all those brands everyone knows and love.
So, how do you achieve brand recognition for your product/company? Advertising is commonly the way to go, but there is another way which has found its way into the hearts of people without them realizing it: P.O.P(Point of Purchase) Material Advertising.
P.O.P Material Advertising refers to things you give your clients for free with your logo on them. Think about baseball caps, t-shirts, posters, pens and all kinds of stuff with your logo on them. Now, imagine all stuff made out of fabric with your logo into fine quality embroidery and digitizing… Nice, right?
Most companies for their P.O.P material advertising just print their logo on caps or t-shirts. Some might even invest a little on embroidery and digitizing, but if you really want to make your logo stand out, you are thinking of foam digitizing or 3D puff digitizing to make your logo really come to life.
Foam digitizing or 3D puff digitizing is a technique in which you make a logo/image come out of the fabric by having it filled with some kind of foam. Then, it stops being a regular 2d logo to have texture which makes it 3D. It can be done in many things such as backpacks, t-shirts, caps (well, digitizing for caps can be kind of tricky, but it is totally worth it), cloths and anything made out of fabric. If done properly, it looks beautiful and can have very positive results for your brand if you are willing to pay a little more to promote your product more efficiently (remember the story about Mr. Onassis).
One thing to consider, if you are willing to make the extra expense into foam digitizing, is that not all companies make a good job at 3D puff digitizing. For instance, there are companies which do not do digitizing for caps the way it should be done; as I previously stated, it can be kind of difficult and if not done properly, you might end up with a horrible monstrosity on the top of your head or even worse: on top of your client’s head… So should really consider that.
Another thing to consider would be to pick the right materials for the kind of embroidery and digitizing you are going to decide on: for foam digitizing it is very important to have the right kind of foam or the final product will be awful. It takes some time and experience to know what materials are perfect for what you want. This is not one of the cases in which the client is always right because in this particular case the client might make a very misinformed or simply a bad decision. In this case, you should probably let the professionals do their job and just relax.
Having said those two things (which I strongly encourage you to consider), I would suggest if you want to make sure you get the right people for digitizing everything (even digitizing for caps), the most experienced at 3D puff digitizing and probably the best for all your embroidery and digitizing works, you should definitely pay a visit to


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