DST file has too many colors


Some of the newly embroidery companies don’t know why DST Embroidery File has so many colors , the preview they have received from the digitizing company was showing the exact color of your artwork but when you open your DST file in your machine your mind just wiped out . You should be asking your embroidery digitizing company that why DST has so many colors . The only reason is DST will always show up different colors and you need to ask your digitizing company to forward you the color sequence file so that you can use the color sequence on your machine to sew the exact same of colors . The other thing besides that is DST cannot be edited , It will broke up in so many pieces that it would not be possible to pick up the whole segment in one time . You should always ask your digitizer to forward you native embroidery file format so that when ever you forward your design to your digitizer it should be a native file for editing purposes . Digitizing company cannot help you in this matter because this is the standard way to work . In some of the machines there are an option to repeat the same color itself so that you dont have to change the thread again and again for another step .

If you need to ask any other question which are relative or not relative to this topic or even if you are getting troubles in feeding design to your machine. Do not hesitate to contact Migdigitizing , ask them every question and they will answer you everything you would be needing to know .




embroidery machine and applied to the fabric. The most supported format is DST file. Apparel companies also digitize clothing patterns[citation needed] Analog
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