PES file not working [solved]

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We are going to cover some basic problems which you usually get when you order PES file for your brother machine . Some of the digitizing company dont even know how to fix it , they will send you different files till you get frustrated or they will say its an issue from your end. Some of them will send you DST file format and will say you to use that file instead of PES . The question is if you have an option to use PES file then why DST ? So here are some of the steps which you can fix it or you should be careful when you order your design. Firstly if you are using any other digitizing company instead of Migdigitizing than you are making a major mistake . It might be possible that you will get better digitizing company but you will never get a chance to the expert who is waiting for live chat support for you to help by Migdigitizing .

These are simple steps which i will reveal here and no one will tell you about it. If you are ordering PES file you must be carefull about the hoop size you are using. Lets suppose if you are using 4X4 hoop you must enter the size 3.9 inch X 3.9 inch so that it can fix in your hoop size. If your design is larger than the hoop size or equal to hoop size it might be possible that your machine will not read about the design . You would be thinking that the file is corrupted but never know the truth behind it . on the other hand some of the clients used to order design larger than the hoop size which is the major one , you have to order the design with the smaller size .

If the above issue dont work , dont worry about it . Just ask your digitizer to save your file from different software or save it again so that it might save correctly and your embroidery machine should read it properly . Thats what some of the Embroidery Digitizing Company do

These are the two possible factors due to which problems can occur , we would highly suggest you to use our digitizing service so that you should know why we are different from the other digitizing company . No matter if the digitizing price are same or lower but you will always get the best quality digitizing.

After doing all the things above , the second option is to go with DST file because and use it for your machine .

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