What Is Digitizing And How Does It Work?


The digitizing is the process to convert the artwork into digital form. It is also known as the art of using the text or images and using it within the high-speed machines. The text and image are shifted to a program that controls such machines and this is how the design is made in the form of embroidery. When considered technically, the digitizing is the term which means a process in which the conversion of the data is taken place within the digital form. The digital form or information is the kind of information which is saved in the machine in binary digits form.

Such as, the data scanning is the process within which the data is converted into the digital form. This is also related to the embroidery too. The artwork is created and then the stitches are applied such that the image digital impression can be easily created as it is now available to be printed by the embroidery machine.

The processes of the traditional stitching have also become fast and efficient but it still needs a large amount of time to complete one simple project. Thus, the digitizing processes have been introduced in the market as it only takes one or two minutes to complete an entire digitizing process, unlike the traditional stitching methods.

Everything comes up with benefits and drawbacks and so it is the case with the digitizing. For the digitizing processes, you have to buy the machine first which is highly expensive and it needs much precaution and care for its operation. Secondly, in order to operate the machine, a highly skilled operator is need for the control and the run of the machine so that you can create your own choice of design.

The process of embroidery digitizing has taken the embroidery art to the new level. Due to the highly sophisticated stitching, the embroidery designs have been considered much worthy and this is all credited due to the precise stitching and shine. The digitizing process also considers the fabric type that can also be used along with the type of design that can be suited.

In order to start project with the machine, the machine requirements have to be considered firstly. After the digitization of the image, it is saved within the machine special format that is needed for the work. The file carries the large series of few commands and coordinates that are needed for the working of the machine about a specific pattern and design, type of color used and the place to trim and stop. Within past, such machines had only limited functions with one language that was hard to understand. But now, the latest machines are highly user friendly and they can easily create what you want.

So, how to create the digitizing embroidery design?

A large number of software’s have been introduced within the market that is designed according to your needs and requirements. Such software’s come up with huge variety of prices and features and their availability has given the users a large number of choices form which they can select.



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