Embroidery Digitizer adjoins worth to your industry

In the past, to get an embroidery design done usually takes a lot of time and work because it is done manually but now we have digitally converted embroidery designs to our rescue.

The digitally converted embroidery designs are made using a machine called embroidery digitizer, the digitizer works in conjunction with a software. The software is computer enabled and it is used to convert the image or logo that requires embroidery to a digital file that is compatible with the embroidery digitizer.

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Embroidery Digitizer adjoins worth to your industry

A professional will use the software to create a custom logo for your company or if you have an existing logo, it can be edited with the software to make it compatible with the digitizer and after that, it is fed into the machine for the embroidery process. Designs made using embroidery started in the 19th century and later many companies ventured into the production of embroidery designs because of the rise in customers demand the embroidery designs. With the aid of embroidery digitizers and the software, there was also increased production of the designs and also it took lesser time.

How your industry can benefit from an embroidery digitizer company

Most companies have promotional items that they give to their customers as a free gift, they do these not because they have more than enough cash to spend but they have their brands on these items they offer for free and some of these items include bags, shirts, caps, and others. Having your brand name engraved on a promotional item is a subtle way of advertising your brand and making it known to a lot of people with minimal cost, these items are usually what customers take around, and so more people get to know you through this medium. You can get your promotional items especially fabrics to be embroidered with your logo or brand name.

You can also get your company name and slogan embroidered on shirts and caps to be worn by your employees at work; it makes your place of work look uniform and also a great way to reassure your customers about your commitment to them especially if you have that word on the shirts worn by your staffs.

If you have furniture, window blinds in your office, you can get your company logo to be embroidered on them, and this makes your entire office space preach what you do. The furniture of the official cars of your company can also be embroidered; this is to add class and elegance to what you do.

When embroidery designs started, it was mainly manpower work with many interventions by humans; it requires a large number of people to make it work. It takes a lot of time to complete and also tiring but with the introduction of embroidery digitizers, the time consuming and tiring task has been reduced to a time saving and easy task, the digitizer has replaced the multitude of the human involved. Series of embroidery designs and patterns can be created according to what the customer requires in a very short time.

Creating creative designs, unique and numerous stitch patterns have been made possible with the advent of the digitizer. Designers have used this method to create outstanding designs for their clothing lines and have made clothes for all ages. Embroidery digitizers have been able to offer to design embroideries for cloth designs, household item designs and for logo designs. Household embroidery can be used to create designs for cover cloths, bed covers, curtains, table covers and so on.

The present day embroidery design is made by stitching machines with the appropriate embroidery configuration; there are different types of configuration that are compatible with different embroidery digitizers. There are two main formats commonly used which are the Bitmap and Vector Art.

The Bitmap Art

This is the process of using images in a pixel format that is ‘bit by bit’. Bitmap images are hundreds of pixels that are combined together to form an image.  The major downside with the use of bitmaps for embroidery design is that the resolution is affected when there is need to resize or edit the image. Bitmaps are great for website designs.

The Vector Art

Vector Art is a new technology and it is defined as the process of using mathematical language to illustrate shape, color, and other parameters of individual parts of an image. It is far easier that bitmap and it can be edited or resized without affecting the resolution of the image. This feature has made vector art widely accepted among its contemporaries. Most embroidery digitizers support vector art since it is easy to import it into the software. All image format whether vector or bitmap must be changed into stitch file. The stitch patterns and color to be used are contained in the stitch file.

The whole process of digitized embroidery needs the technical know-how and time to achieve. A good embroidery design improves and enhances the image and makes it look outstanding more than the fabric it is on. Digital embroidery making using vector art is a growing field that more people are venturing into and there a lot of companies out there claiming to have the expertise but the decision of choosing one lies with the customer who has to be vigilant in order not to fall into hands of crooks who are into the business for the money only.

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