Customize Patches

Custom Patches

At Migdigitizing we offer you the finest quality of custom patches. We make sure that all of your requirements are met to the fullest of their capacities and that there are no shortcomings whatsoever. Also known as embroidered patches, they are ideally a cloth badge that is created with the help of fabric backing along with adequate threading. This art dates back to old traditions and was ideally performed using hand craftsmanship. However with time technology has progressed considerably and thus has outmaneuvered any limitations which previously existed back in the old days. Today we are fully equipped to materialize your preferences right in front of your eyes and make sure that the results which you seek from us not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. Custom patches are offered to you with choice of artwork that you provide us. We deliver your patch exactly as it is so that you can have a look at it and even ask us to make changes as per your own fondness if required by you.

Why You Should Only Ask Us for Offering You Custom Patches?

The art of delivering astounding embroidery patches takes years to practice and master. At Migdigitizing we excel in providing you with the finest of emblems as per your demands. With the comprehensive command in the art of creating embroidered patches and emblems, we offer you a high quality of product that speaks for itself. We have dealt with a wide variety of customers over the passage of time including non-profit organizations, charities, youth sports teams, local government bodies, corporate entities, and even supporting advertising campaigns that demand promotional items and additional branding.

Patches embroidery is strictly an art that can only manifest when certain skills are transferred from one generation to another. Our professionals have a long line and history of gurus who mastered this art and their knowledge traveled from one lineage to another. Furthermore we offer you terrific turnaround time for your orders as we always deliver them on time without any delays. We take full responsibility for our work and our main objective is our customer’s 100% satisfaction. We pay absolute care toward attention to detail and hence never leave out any minuscule elements that others may neglect. Once you receive your orders, our work for you will speak for itself.

Our Additional Benefits

As experts in the art of delivering stupendous customization so that you can order embroidery patches with us without any reluctance, at Migdigitizing we are never afraid to go out the extra mile just so to bring a smile on your face. We offer you the following benefits:

  • Around the clock, 24/7 assistance
  • Finest quality of material selection
  • Durable products that last longer
  • Quick quotations regarding your custom order
  • Tremendous turnaround times
  • Personalized customer service
  • Astounding designing facilities
  • Low minimum orders
  • & much more

Embroidered patches are quite exceptional when it comes to creating customization for gears, uniforms, workwear, and other lines of clothing or wearable items. We can even offer you patches that can be placed on various items such as headwear, school or office bags, jackets, work-shirts, tank tops/vests, and just about any other type of garment that you can possibly think off. We also offer you superb assistance and consultations from our renowned team members throughout the process so that you can enjoy transparency in our work for you. We not only keep you updated and informed but we also maintain stringent work ethics to ensure that results are guaranteed to create a WOW effect.

So What Are You Waiting For? Contact Us Now to Get Started On Your Custom Patches!

It quite undeniable to state that we take an extreme amount of pride not only in our work but we are also profoundly passionate about every task we undertake. We are believers and only after making you satisfied with our work do we get to put ourselves to rest. You can speak with our representatives at any time of the day or the week. We are here and available to you at all times. Our main objective is to serve you to the best of our abilities. Every order to us matters deeply and your success is our measure of growth within the industry. For queries regarding our services you can call us on our number 401-396-2019. Speak to us today and let your ideas materialize in the real world in an effortless manner that is reliable, dependable, and completely stress-free on your part.