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Woven Patches


Woven Patches

Woven patches are the commonest types of patches. They are made with thinner threads. The threads are stitched without a stop to have a highly-detailed design. They can be made on any clothing material. If you want your logo to look amazing that gives the viewers an awe-inspiring look to their faces then woven patches are the best.

Due to the use of fine and thin threads, woven patches show every detail of the design and patterns. Woven patches are crispier than their sibling patches. The most interesting part of woven patches is the flexibility they offer to the digitizers and experts.

However, the small woven designs need professional hands to avoid any hassle. If you are one of those for whom elegance is a part of their character, then it is best to have woven patches.

We offer high-quality woven patches that are both durable and elegant. Furthermore, to give you peace of mind and a level of contentment, our company offers woven patch services at dirt-cheap rates.

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