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Hooping Cap for Sewing

A Complete Guide To Hoop A Cap

Caps have their dominance in the fashion industry. From film stars and rappers to singers and musicians, all wear caps. Yet, making it more familiar to the buyers. The digitizing industry is no different when we talk about the importance of caps.

Caps digitizing is popular in the digitizing world. We, at Mig Digitizing, has also been providing this service for many years. We know the ins and outs of the process of caps digitizing. We will also give you some bonus tips that will help you in the long run.

In this article, we will talk about how to hoop a cap? You will get all the information on how to hoop a cap. You need to know why it is so important to hoop a cap properly. Almost 50% of the quality of the embroidery on a cap depends on how good you hoop it. That's why it is critical to hoop a cap in the correct way.

Understanding the reasons why the thread break issue occurs will help you identify the problem quickly, solve the problem. It will result in completing your task in a smooth and effective way. Let’s talk about what the thread break causes, errors, and its preventions.

Equipment Needed To Hoop A Cap

To start off, you need to know every material that is necessary for hooping a cap.

The first thing that you need is the cap. Then, you will need some backing material. For this, you can use cap backing. A cap driver (a piece that goes on the machine to enable sewing of caps). A cap gauge to hold the cap frame. It helps to loop the cap. Lastly, you will need a cap frame.

Hooping The Cap Frame

To hoop a cap on a cap frame, attach the cap frame to a stable surface. For that, you will need to tighten the bottom clamp until the gauge becomes stable and static.

You can rotate the hooping gauge anytime during the hooping process. You can do it with the help of the lock actuator. You can then move the gauge to a better position. Now, slide the frame onto the cap gauge. Make sure that the cap gauge fits the cap frame notch. The cap frame should slip firmly under the two roller clips.

Preparing The Cap Frame

The cap frame is adjustable. You need to adjust the strap into the thickness of the cap material.

Hooping The Cap

To hoop a cap, you can start off by removing the clips located on the back of the frame.

Now, set the frame onto the gauge. You need to lock in the right place to prevent trouble. Open the strap, and put the cap backing under the bill stops. Make sure that the backing fits in the exact place.

Preparing The Cap For Sewing

Once you have prepared your frame and gauge, you can now put the cap. Place the cap outside of the sweatband, backing, and everything. Now take the sweatband and put it under the bill stops. At this point, it is important to stop the bill at the bill stops. There is centerline to help you to place the bill at the exact place.

If the cap has a piece of cardboard, you need to remove it. Then, open the backstrap and spread the sweatband. If the cap has a braid, then you need to move it around the cap to the inside and under the brim.

After that, straighten up the bill until it is flat. You can reshape the bill of the cap after it is sewn. Now, slide the cap onto the cap frame. Push the brim against the stop on the bill support arm. Make sure that it is centered under the bill support arm as well. You need to keep in mind not to remove the bill support arm.

Place the cap over the clip post towards the bottom of each side of the frame. Then pull the sweatband side in the direction of the cap ring. Push it downwards tightly. You need to make as smooth as possible. There shouldn’t be any bunching towards the side of the cap or headband.

Once you are done with the left side of the cap placing it within the straps hinge posts. Swing the strap up and over the cap’s brim. Now, close the straps. Make sure that the teeth of the upper portion bite the brim seam. Slip the cap’s right side over the post avoiding the latch. Hook the latch onto the hook available on the latch post. Again, you need to make certain that there is no bunching on the sides of the caps and sweatband.

Adjusting The Cap Frame Strap

If the bill has moved from the center position, you can adjust the cap under the strap. The process of adjusting the cap frame strap as easy as ABC. You don’t have to be panic. All you need to do is to loosen the two wing nuts located on the cap’s left side and slide.

Once you have adjusted, retighten the wing’s nuts while holding the nuts tight against the cap brim. However, this step is not necessary. You may need to do it on a different style of a cap for the first time.

Now, using the cap frame remove any bunching and smooth down the lower part of the cap while snapping the buckle closed. You need to tighten the buckle. If you want to sew the side of the cap, then smoothen the cap material backwards and over the clip posts on both sides. After that, indent the cap material in the backing along the front face of the clips posts. While pressing the cap material, snap the clip over the clip posts. Now, orientate the clip handles towards the cap back. But, this is not necessary. You need to do it if you are sewing the sides of the cap or if the cap is unstructured.

Attach the clipped post to the other side of the cap. You can then remove the cap frame from the gauge. To remove the cap frame, place the palms of your hand on the gauge. Now, put your fingers on the frame. Then, pull your fingers towards your palm until the cap releases from the cap gauge.

It is important to know that there should be some resistance when you pull the cap frame off the gauge. If there is not, then either the cap frame is not been positioned correctly or is too loose. So, check the hoop if necessary. Also, check the inside of the cap to make sure that the backing is not bunched up. It has to cover the entire area to be embroidered.

This is the process of hooping a cap properly. It is a crucial step in the embroidery digitizing for caps. You have to be attentive in each step. Every step needs attention to details. It is better to leave your work to professionals. We are not degrading your skills, but if are new to the industry it is a smart step to take the help of the concerns.

We, at Mig Digitizing, are open 24/7 to help our customers. We endeavour to give you the right advice at the right moment. Feel free to take help from us.