About Us

It was back in 1989, When "Muhammad Idrees Girach" first started his Embroidery business Mig International, with a 20 head Barudan Machine for the local vendors. Those were the days when embroidery work was booming all over the world and people started to brand lock there companies. He got training for digitizing and operating machines from Singapore and started his work in Pakistan for all the exports like Nike, Fubu, Adidas, Reebok etc. He worked for many countries like USA, Europe, South Africa, Canada, Australia. Always maintaining his quality of work and ran a successful business.

In 2008, due to the recession and huge numbers of embroidery vendors in the market. He decided to turn the business online as it was cyber era and all the business were already or planning to go online. He gathered a team of web developers and embroidery digitizers and under his supervision of great digitizing techniques, started this Online Embroidery Digitizing Shop which is now known as Mig Digitizing.

Over the decade now, We have been able to earn the trust of the embroidery businesses around the world with our exceptionally well digitizing techniques and smooth crispy results. We do not only focus on our digitizing but after sales support which make them to comeback all the time and rely on our services.