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Embroidery Digitizing

We Provide Embroidery Digitizing. Even if its small text or Large Designs, Each Design goes through strict phase of Quality Check to ensure best possible results.

Vector Conversion

Pixelated Designs converted into high quality vector designs with seperated layer for each color , Best Quality results for Screen Printing and Heat Printing. Request for vectorizing services now

Custom Patches

Give us a shot and we will make sure every stitch speaks itself for quality embroidered patches. Each design goes through different phases to ensure the best quality results you need. Calculate price for patches by clicking here

Turnaround time

Our Turnaround time for each design is 1-18 hours and urgent turnaround time is 1-6 hours, Please contact us on call or Whatsapp for urgent orders over weekends. Our digitizing team is waiting for your call

We Provide Embroidery Digitizing With unbeatable price. We bet you won't regret you chose us.
Our Normal Turnaround time for each design is 3-12 Hours, But we guarantee 24 Hours.You can also avail our Express Turnaround which would be with in 1-4 Hours.
Best digitizing team is available to handle your designs and always ready to handle all your logo for digitizing. Our designs do not require any changes but if it does we do it for free.
Our digitizing quality remains same for individual or a company , Each design goes through different phases for quality assurance (QA)

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Your estimate will be processed with in 3-12 hours , We will email you to Login and check your estimate when it is ready . Use live chat for any further assistance.


Embroidery Digitizing - MigDigitizing

Looking for Quality Embroidery Digitizer, who you can trust with all your digitizing work, without being worried about quality, price, and turnaround time, then you’re at the right place.

  • $1.5 per 1000 stitches
  • Digitizing with least stitches
  • Track your orders with Member area facility
  • Free Format Conversions
  • Minimum $8 - Maximum $150
  • No upfront payments required (pay once you review and approve the digital sewout)
  • Free Quotes
  • Low Price Vector Conversion
  • All Formats Available
  • Live Chat Support
  • Digitizer individual attention to our Clients needs.
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Get Best Services With Migdigitizing:

Why Migdigitizing is suitable for your business

  • Free Minor edits and easy solutions.
  • Small letters digitized manually with perfection to give ultimate result
  • Affordable digitizing service with lowest price in industry.
  • 1-8 Hours Turnaround time with LIVE CHAT support.
  • Unique , Creative and innovative digitizing for photos and silhoutte.

Are you looking for the cheap digitizing? If yes, then here is the digitizing Company offering the best embroidery digitizing services. we offer top quality services within 24 hours of time and the results of all the embroidery designs or logos images are sent towards customers in small time.

Among the best Embroidery digitizers in the USA, the Migdigitizing Company offer service at pocket-friendly prices . Order your design now and pay after getting a digital proof , Any changes before and after the payment will be done immediately.

We use latest wilcom software for all our digitizing needs. Therefore, the prices are favorable for all our clients ranging from 1-5000 stitches design in just $8, for additional 1000 stitches after 5000 stitches will cost you around $1.5/1k stitches. But nearly all charges are dependent on the type of design the client needs. Please place an estimate request to know the number of stitches, pricing and trunaround time for your design.

We import your artwork into our software and digitize it perfectly according to the information provided. Some variations shall be made for each fabric type. Finished designs are then forwarded to the quality checking department where the professional recheck all the density and forward to the final stage where your digitized design will be emrboidered to know if it requires any changes in digitizing.All processes are transparent and the embroidery digitizers at our company consult and negotiate with customers in a friendly way. It is the right of every customer to get relevant information. Embroidery digitizing is an art where you have to know what density should be used in a fabric and digitizing designs with a technique is a key for quality digitizing.

Create Majestic Embroidery designs with Applique Digitizing – Different types of Appliques

What is Applique?

Whether you are a professional fashionista or an amateur designer, at some point in time you are sure to need the art of applique in your textile practice.

If you aren’t aware of the term applique, it simply refers to the technique of attaching one piece of fabric to another piece. In most cases, applique refers to the attachment of a specific piece/shape/design of fabric to the background fabric as a means to add a niche appeal and exquisiteness to the designs.

Applique is a popular method that enhances the color and texture variation of designs at the edges of the fabric motifs. It’s not just an exquisite way to enhance the appeal of clothing, but also a great way to décor cushions, bags, and other homewares.


Types of applique:

Well, there are different types of applique that can be chosen depending upon the needs and preference of clients At MIG Digitizing, we offer comprehensive digitizing services to clients for all different types of applique digitizing needs and thereby, we have come up with some of the more popular types of appliques that you can use to enhance your embroidery design.

Different Types of Applique


 Smooth Edge Applique

In this method, machine stitching is used to create raw edges for the applique shapes to add to the final stunning smooth finish of the design.


Raw-edge applique

The raw-edge applique method is ideally suited for smaller digitizing projects and essential include sewing of fabric pieces onto the background fabric.

As can be taken by name, in raw-edge applique, there isn’t much consideration to be given to the finishing or tuning the edges. This type of technique can be achieved by hand as well as by machine.

-         Multi-needle Hoop Applique

If you are looking for complex and advanced embroidery design and an aesthetically enchanting looks, multi-needle hoop applique is the best method for you. In this technique, placement stitches are created on the design, whereas, the background fabric is repositioned at each section for precise stitching. The multi-needle hoop applique is a popular technique to create the most stunning and gorgeously detailed designs.

-         Reverse Applique

Ok, you can very well guess the technique from its name. In the reverse applique technique, different fabrics are layered upon each other and stitch a motif on top, instead of sewing fabric shapes on the background fabric.

-         Decorative Stitch Applique

If you looking to create an enchanting applique design that stands out against the fabric, decorative stitch applique is the right technique to use. In this technique, you would require a machine sewing and it’s largely an experimental process for people who like to experiment using sewing machines. Nonetheless, the reward is stunning and enchanting designs.


See, applique is all about playing around with fabrics and experimenting with interesting designs. At MIG digitizing, we offer complete digitizing services at affordable pricing. Contact us at XXXXX or email us at XXXXXX for a free no-obligation quote.

Individuals, who work with the Migdigitizing Company which is the best Embroidery digitizers in the US, are experts in providing best quality digitizing services and are motivated to work according to the deadline given and provide all orders on time. We have a unique motto which attracts customers and it makes the digitizers gain a competitive advantage in the market.
Clients with experience in digitizing for embroidery services at Migdigitizing can prove that prices are pocket-friendly and services are excellent.

You are highly welcome to have a foretaste of quality design with us.

Payment can be made after the order has been completed and receiving the digital proof.

We accept all major credit cards and paypal.


Please contact us on Live chat support or email us at support@migdigitizing.com for further assistance.

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MIG have consistently provided me exceptional quality digitizing. The speed of service and value for money are fantastic. Thank you.
Matt Cutting
I must tell you that your company is great to work with and I have reccommended it to my on line embroidery group, so many embroidery enthusiasts (at least in my group) have your name and email. Thanks. And I love how you will work to get it just like I want it.
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