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I must tell you that your company is great to work with and I have reccommended it to my on line embroidery group, so many embroidery enthusiasts (at least in my group) have your name and email. Thanks. And I love how you will work to get it just like I want it. Roberta
-by Roberta / USA
I have been using Mig Digitizing for almost a year now and I am nothing but impressed with the quality and the service they have provided! I rarely ever have to send anything back for editing and if I do 95% of the time it is something that the customer has requested and it has been done a very quick turnaround time. Mig Digitizing is very professional and cares greatly about the satisfaction they provide to us there customers. I would HIGHLY recommed them to anyone looking for good quality digitizing where is does not cost an arm and a leg! Thank you all for a great service provider!! Beth
-by Beth Lathem / Lawrenceville USA
MIG is awesome. They are extremely prompt with getting my digitized items back to me in a timely manner. Also, they are affordable. They also reply quickly to any questions and/or concerns. Thank you all so much.
-by P. Stewart / Moss Point USA
MIG have consistently provided me exceptional quality digitizing. The speed of service and value for money are fantastic. Thank you.
-by Matt Cutting / Lismore Australia
The quality was well, transactions went smoothly, great support over all Great Job!
-by Jim / Michigan City United States
My company was not in good condition from last 8 years, but once i started to use mig, I was surprised by the quality they give. I'll be using this service for my future work. Thanks Damon
-by Eblumin / Pittsberg CA
Services that you offer is by far great, I would be hooking up with you for a long time now. Thanks
-by John Kimoto / New York US
I am using Mig digitizing for almost a year now, and i would like to say 3 words BEST SERVICES EVER!
-by Susan Ross / Utah USA