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Vector Conversion Service

Vector File For Printing Purpose

Before we start talking about Vector Conversions, it would be fair to say that the foundation has to be laid in terms of defining what a vector graphics or a vector file actually is. The answer is quite simple, a vector graphics is basically a 2D image where lines and curves can be connected to form shapes. Each point on the image has a definite position on the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis, which makes its coordinates unique. However, the main reason why vector files are used for printing is that the pathway which demarcates a series of actions like stroke colors are independent resolutions since it is represented by mathematical curves rather than dots that are instead used in a raster image. In short the print generated from Vector files is crisper regardless of what size of the image you print out.

Everything You Need To Know About Vector Conversions

At Migdigitizing we are experts when it comes to the vector conversion process. We can offer you a wide variety of files and thus allow you an effortless way to convert them according to your preferences. Here are some popular variants that clients have often pitched us in the past:

  • Raster

  • It is essential for you to understand that unlike vector files, raster images are constructed by the construction of colored pixels and hence this often leads to a loss in the quality of the image when resized. However, the flexibility which the vector file offers makes it rather easy to convert images from raster to vector and vice-versa. Hence it is always best to consider the size needed for the raster image first and then use the vector file to make the desired conversion. You can make several raster image copies depending upon where and how big the actual print you would prefer to be.

  • AI

  • An AI file is under the direct control of the Adobe Illustrator, hence it can only be created and edited through the said software. AI images are considered best for logos, graphics, print layouts, and illustrations. We offer the facility to convert JPEG to AI without any discrepancies.

  • JPEG

  • Also known as JPG, it is the most commonly used raster image type that is popularly utilized in uploading photographs on websites. However, they can be optimized as per your liking and desired use so that a perfect balance can be created that retains its quality and is still smaller in size. Our professionals are quite adept and can provide you with JPEG to Vector conversions without any loss in quality or any other shortcomings of any type.

  • PNG

  • Another one of the most commonly used raster image types. For beginners, the major difference between JPG and PNG is basically that PNG offers you a transparent background. Plus it is also generally considered larger in size and better in quality. This in return makes PNG ideal for creating logo files as they can be easily placed on colored backgrounds.

  • GIF

  • This raster image type is formed using 256 colors directly taken from the RBG color space. However, if you include more colors within an image or a design then the size of the file becomes larger. Thus this makes them perfect for artwork that relies on only a handful set of colors to play with to keep the file size on the smaller end. GIFs, however, are not compatible with natural shades or images that use gradients. We must advise you not to use them for photographs at all.

  • TIF

  • A great choice of a raster file type that allows you to create high-quality results for photographs and other images. Even though they are great for printing needs, we strongly recommend not to use them for your websites because they can increase your loading time by a lot.

  • EPS

  • Lastly, we have a vector file type that is perfect for master logo files, graphics, and print designs. The EPS file can easily be resized without any worries and you can always open the file whenever you want and make edits as per your liking.

What Do We Have To Offer You?

At Migdigitizing we offer you high quality of scalable vector conversions. Our rates are extremely feasible. Hence if you have query for us pertaining to demand or need such as convert vector logo, then you can consider us as your best resource. We also offer you superb vinyl printing facilities. Our expert designers can get the job done for you in no time. Hence if you require anything from us such as converting any type of images to a vector file without any compromises, then we ask you to simply let your imagination run wild as our decades of experience will help you in accomplishing your desired results in a brilliant manner. Our designers are naturally gifted which makes them surpass the limitations of automated software which has restricted access to potentially new variations. We offer you screen printing vector files that are specially designed using Adobe Illustrator at 300 DPI. You also get to receive the files that are color separated and you can enable or disable colors according to your own whims. So what are you waiting for, order now to see what we can do for you!

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