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Technology has without a doubt improved the quality of our lives in all of its many aspects. Everyday life has become easier as technology advances and mankind finds new and better ways to make what used to be impossible possible. Far away in our memories are the days in which we wasted a lot of paper and other resources using a typewriter in order to write something as trivial as a letter: nowadays you can just send an email, a text message or even a file with whatever you are willing to say. With the rise of computers and robotics, we as human beings have taken a step forward in the path of its evolution.

In the past, we had to deal with issues such as space for storing records or books on things in libraries which also presented problems such as humidity, rats and many other things which could affect the conditions of storage for these records. It has been said that there are many things about our histories and cultures which became lost forever due to ill storage conditions. Paintings, tapestries, sculptures, books… all of them fell victim to decay and the pass of time which is still unstoppable.

Currently, this situation appears to have been solved through the creation of computer files. Having a very large library with thousands or millions of books which can be stored in a device that can fit in the palm of your hand is something very common. Computer files can store huge amounts of information which can be reproduced, printed, shared or stored with great ease.

In textile designing, embroidery digitizing and modern embroidery works (whether embroidery punching, logo digitizing or others), computers and computer files have had a huge impact. For instance, most of the fast digitizing services done nowadays are carried out by specialized computers which do the previously painstaking task done by groups of people with great ease, astounding quickness and near perfect results. Also, a great assortment of designs can be easily handled in compressed computer files to make storage easier. In fact, designs can be stored in the cloud and shown to clients with no need for physical catalogs.

There are a large number of formats used in embroidery digitizing; however, there are some clients which use jpeg (which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group) files which is a very common standard. The thing is that in order to be processed by an embroidery machine, they have to be converted to a format the machine can deal with. These conversion operations are most commonly handled to convert jpeg to DST (for embroidery machines that use DST format), to convert jpeg to PES (for embroidery machines that use PES format) and convert jpeg to EMB (native EMB files are used mostly for software and some embroidery machines in particular). As we previously stated, there are many other formats, but these are the most convenient and more common to use.

Here at Migdigitizing we provide conversion services to fit your every need. We also supply a large catalog of services to assist you in getting the best experience for an affordable price. We even take care of improving that old design you have always had in order to make it more modern and usable for years to come. If you want us to redesign your logo, emblem or something in particular, just get in touch with us and our team of professional designers who can take your creativity to a whole new level beyond. Visit our website (www.migdigitizing.com) for further information on services and prices. We are an online high quality digitizing company.