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Image Digitizing

Image Digitizing

We all have made drawings and images in pre-schools whether we liked them or it. An image is nothing more than a visual perception of any object or person. We see images everywhere in our daily lives. But, we often neglect them. The print media, advertising agencies, and marketing brands have a strong connection with images. A logo is the best example in this case.

Alongside that, the embroidery digitizing industry is no exception for images and artwork. Image digitizing is one of the most popular categories of digitizing services. The images in embroidery artwork are created in a suitable file format so that the embroidery machine can detect and read the file to make stitches. The embroidery file size can vary depending upon the size, stitches, and detail of the overall image.

Image digitizing in the embroidery industry is mostly done on t-shirts, hats, caps, beanies, polos, jeans, and other clothing fabric. Here, at MigDigitizing, we offer high-quality image digitizing service. Regardless of the design and quantity, it’s our audacious promise to provide you with only the best image digitizing service.

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